Originally created 05/16/02

Moms are more precious than gold

According to The Chronicle, Money Management International suggests that mothers are worth less than $50 because the people participating in their survey intended to spend less than $50 on Mother's Day.

I suppose people who spend all their time putting things into monetary terms fail to realize there are some things in life that simply cannot be purchased with the almighty buck.

From the very beginning of human life, a mother voluntarily puts herself in harm's way to bring her children into the world. Thus begins the sleepless nights, the prayer vigils, the wiping away of tears and the keeping a watchful eye for all of the potential dangers sure to come their way.

I believe it is a good sign these sons and daughters are not falling into the commercialism surrounding Mother's Day. Our society tends to focus too much on the temporary, materialistic components, rather than the things that will last forever - like faith, hope and love.

A teen-age son, who has to be hog-tied to a chair to do anything remotely associated with an English assignment, willingly sits down and writes a heartfelt poem to his mom, thanking her for all she has done for him. The 20-year-old daughter, who still makes homemade cards because she knows her mom would much prefer to see her artistry and read her own words rather than those of a stranger. Ask any mom to place a value on these gifts. They are more precious than gold.

Terri Exum, Martinez, Ga.

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