Originally created 05/16/02

City must protect the history that made Augusta great

There is so much history in Augusta that goes unnoticed. The DeLaigle family gave much to Augusta, with the most noted being the land for Magnolia Cemetery. Not only is the building sitting across from the Municipal Building historic, it holds wondrous stories that have been shared among locals for years.

The house is the place where John Tilly, the last man to die in a duel on the Sand Bar Ferry, lived with the DeLaigle family. He was taken back to the home where he stayed with the family whose honor he was trying to protect and died in their company.

His story was tragic, just as the outcome of this building will be if Augusta does not protect its history and legacy.

Augusta needs to progress with new additions and buildings being erected, but preservation must come to the forefront, just as modern progress has. The building can be preserved. The Old Government House is owned by the city and is used in a very educational and favorable manner. It is one of the most important sites in Augusta where history is concerned, just as the DeLaigle house is.

These places can be torn down to build parking lots, but when they are gone there is no bringing them back. Augusta is Georgia's second oldest city and when historical buildings are gone there is nobody to see what we were and what we have become. They can't see the memory lane and walk down avenues of Augusta's past.

So look around and see what great losses we will amass if we continue to destroy our history. The building could even be sold to someone who may want to restore it for offices or some other function.

Officials of Augusta, wake up. Look around at what makes the city we live in so great.

Sean Joiner, Augusta


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