Originally created 05/13/02

Stand with Hodges on SRS dumping

I am one of thousands of proud nuclear pioneers who helped win the Cold War against the Soviet Union during more than 40 years of faithful service at the Savannah River Site. During that time we produced nuclear materials for our national defense, space exploration, and medicine.

I continue to wholeheartedly support SRS, but I also agree with South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges to keep the Department of Energy from making South Carolina a nuclear material dumping ground.

I encourage all South Carolinians and Georgians to support Gov. Hodges' efforts to stop shipments of plutonium to SRS until the Bush administration signs off on an enforceable agreement to process the plutonium and a timetable to remove it from our neighborhood.

I believe the Bush administration has no plan to either process or remove the plutonium from SRS; therefore, Gov. Hodges needs to do everything within his power, including a road blockade, to stop those shipments.

Paul L. Cook, Augusta


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