Originally created 05/12/02

Survivor Watch: Week 11

- Days on the island - 33

- Mother's day - Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, a divorced mom from Burlington, Vt., pushed aside maternal instincts to ponder strategy, even possibly joining nemesis Robert "The General" DeCanio. But her dirty dealings gave the heebie-jeebies to the newest Soliantu member, her son Pat: "I don't like this side of you." Kid, welcome to paradise.

- Cry me a river - A month of isolation, taro root and camera crews can wear spirits down. Our castaways broke down physically and emotionally, then bawled having loved ones there for a short visit. Paschal (Pappy) English and Vecepia (Vee) Towery summed up this week's lesson: Life is precious. Sniff, now I'm crying ...

- Challenges - Loved ones fly thousands of miles, only to end up pawns in a life-size Chinese Checkers game. Pat wins the reward: a day eating coconut scrapings and hangin' with the tribe, mosquitoes and all. In the slingshot shootout, the gals sandbagged the guys. Vee came out on top, after just missing out on immunity two times previously: "Give it to me - thank you, Jesus!"

- Voted out - Vee is for victory, who clung to immunity. That left the General outflanked, as Robert was unanimously court-martialed. Dis-missed!

- Next week - Kathy decides which pair will hand her third place, while Sean Rector plays the race card ... again.

- Fearless forecast - Record: four for five, improving to .800 (best possible now .889). Next three out, in order, will be: Sean ... then Vee ... then Kathy.

- Finale fever - Look for in-depth analysis of the final four in next week's Survivor Watch, and complete wrap-up following the May 19 finale.

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