Originally created 05/12/02

'Imitation hick' speaks his mind

I admit I'm just an imitation Southern hick, having lived here for only 12 years. And while I admit it has taken a while, I wonder if I made a mistake moving here.

First, I'm not sure I like the idea of Georgia getting rid of its dead by leaving bodies in the woods for children and dogs to play with.

Second, I still remember all the sad news last November about the Augusta Commission needing to make a whopping increase in our property taxes. Now it seems the reason for that is so the department heads could vote themselves up to 60 percent salary increases. Now I can sure see why we need higher property taxes. Don't you?

Also, wasn't there some mention of a new assistant city manager hired about four months ago now needing a 40 percent wage boost? It seems to me if anyone takes a new job, he knows what the salary is up front, and no increase should be due for at least two years (or longer). Is this a ploy so the city administrator can then say, "He makes more than me, so I need one too"?

It seems to me no one should receive any salary increases unless property taxes are kept constant or go down.

Third, I liked the cartoon May 8 on the editorial page where Jessie Jackson Jr. says he is smarter than President Bush. Tears came to my eyes and I passed gas. I'm ready for anything now; keep them coming.

Thomas D. Kohli, Augusta


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