Originally created 05/12/02

Base pay hikes on performance

Raises in the 50 percent range for city of Augusta's top bureaucrats seem obscene with unemployment at 6 percent and tax revenues tanking.

As The Chronicle's May 7 piece points out, pay raises based upon job description analysis is a hoot. If Emergency Management Director Dave Dlugolenski's $7,255 pay raise is based primarily on "physical demands" and "extremely hazardous environments," we have to apologize to an awful lot of firemen, police officers, school guards and sanitation workers.

Almost without exception, job analysis is no more than a job description without any knowledgeable objective observation of job performance. We would have better government if both elected and appointed officials and their staffs were at least as responsive and productive as their competitive private sector counterparts.

Let us establish pay raises based upon job performance analyses rather than job description analyses. None of us in the CSRA are against a day's pay for a day's work. So let us grant the raises as soon as we have a benchmark on current performance and then see if performance this time next year is from 16 to 50 percent better. That would be quite a story.

Tom Zwemer, Augusta


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