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Kimberly-Clark Corp.

LOCAL OPERATION: Beech Island paper tissue plant

PRODUCT: Kleenex facial tissues, Cottonelle traditional and pre-moistened toilet tissue, Hi-Dri paper towels and Huggies diapers.


SIZE: 2.1 million square feet on 1,200 acres

PRODUCTION: Exact figures undisclosed, but company officials say the mill produces one-third of all Kleenex products and 20 percent of all Huggies diapers.

HISTORY: Plant was built in 1968 and has been expanded several times, most recently in 2000-2001 when the company built an $80 million, 130,000-square-foot addition to produce its new Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes moist toilet paper product.

RECENT NEWS: Irving, Texas-based Kimberly-Clark announced this week it would buy the 45 percent stake in its Australian subsidiary held by the Australian packaging company Amcor Ltd. for $375 million. The $14.5 billion consumer-products giant raised its stake in the Australian unit, Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty. Ltd., from 50 percent to 55 percent last year.

Legislation hopes to curb spam

Spam - those annoying and unwanted commercial messages that cram your e-mail box each day - is projected to triple in the next five years.

Sen. Conrad Burns of Montana, ranking Republican on the Senate Commerce telecommunications subcommittee, says he now has sufficient votes to get his panel to pass legislation to curb spam.

The law would require e-mail marketers to include a working address in their messages so people who get them can ask that their names be taken off the mailing list. It also would give the Federal Trade Commission authority to impose fines of up to $10 for each unlawful message, up to a maximum of $500,000.

Contracts needed to enforce decisions

Most state laws require certain types of business agreements be made in the form of a written contract in order to be enforceable. Types of contracts that should be in writing include:

  • Contracts creating or transferring an interest in land, including property affixed to the land.
  • Contracts whose terms cannot be performed within one year, such as a two-year shipping contract.
  • Contracts involving the sale of goods in excess of $500.
  • Promises to pay the debts of another.
  • Countries develop patent power

    Developed countries - including the United States, Western Europe and Japan - issue 97 percent of the world's patents.

    Car crashes more likely near home

    Home may be where the heart is, and it's one of the most likely places for car crashes to occur.

    Progressive Insurance, one of the largest auto insurance companies, surveyed 11,000 people who reported a crash in 2001. Here's what it found:

  • Twenty-three percent of reported accidents occurred within one mile of home.
  • Accidents were more than twice as likely to take place a mile from home compared to 20 miles from home.
  • Only 1 percent of reported accidents took place 50 miles from home.
  • Employees log more hours at work

    It doesn't just feel you're putting in more hours at the office. You really are, according to a survey recently conducted by the world's biggest recruiter.

    Of the 1,742 managers and professionals polled by Management Recruiters International, nearly two-thirds work late three to five days a week, and almost a third are working late at least once or twice a week,

    The MRI survey reported that 27.8 percent of those polled work late five days a week on average, 35.4 percent work late three-four days on average, and 32.2 percent one-two days. Just 4.6 percent said that they never work late.

    Black investors get online help

    The World Wide Web contains several business and personal finance sites that cater to black investors and consumers.

    Here are a few places worth dropping in on:

  • www.blackenterprise.com: Contains investing, small-business and career insights.
  • www.blackfortunemag.com: Online magazine devoted to educating visitors on personal finance matters.
  • www.blackstocks.com: Features a wide range of investing, retirement and saving topics.
  • www.littleafrica.com/financial: Offers expert insights on personal finance and small-business topics.

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