Originally created 05/11/02

Newspapers shine light on lies

Regarding T. Walton's May 4 letter: His or her college degree did not include an understanding of the function of the editorial pages of a newspaper.

It is to bring attention to official malfeasance, lies, distortions, ethical violations and misrepresentations of those in official positions.

It just so happens that those mentioned (Augusta Commissioners Lee Beard, Marion Williams, Willie Mays, former city fire chief Ronnie Few, and Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta) are black. The newspaper did not make them black; they just are. The newspaper simply reports facts and it is up to readers to decide if those facts constitute malfeasance. That decision does not belong exclusively to T. Walton.

The inclusion of Linda Beazley only reinforces the obvious. The only racism here is in the mind of T. Walton.

M. Don Williams, Augusta


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