Originally created 05/11/02

Ranter didn't check Section 8 facts for rental property

A caller to "Rants & Raves" stated that people who leased their property to Section 8 renters would bring nearby property values down.

We have a house in the Section 8 program and it is a nightmare not only for us but for our former neighbors.

This house is appraised at $98,000 and has 2,000 square feet. It had a new carpet and padding, a new kitchen and many wonderful features ...

But these are all the things it did have and notice I used the term "had." All these things were noted when the inspector passed the house for use as Section 8.

There are rules for the lessee and the lessor. Everything the lessee has demolished or torn up must be replaced by the lessor prior to the house passing inspection for the Section 8 money to be received each month.

This applies even though month after month the inspector finds the same items missing, broken or demolished. We must replace them or not receive the money for this so-called single mother and her three children who qualified for this house.

Not only is this woman receiving Section 8 benefits, she receives money for her children, food assistance and utility assistance, and all the while her "husband" holds down a full-time job, but applies no money to this household. He, along with 16 cousins, live in this house that was approved for four people.

He has added a car on blocks in the backyard (specifically banned in the lease), and dogs roam the backyard and leave their smelly droppings.

This situation has caused damage not only to our house but to the relationship we had with our neighbors.

Tell me where we can go and what we can do concerning this situation. The value of the house is down. Before it goes on the market, almost $8,000 will have to be spent to bring the house back up to appraised value.

So don't tell me your property stays at its appraised value with Section 8. It does not.

Sally A. Petitt, Augusta

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