Originally created 05/08/02

Squirt bottles have become water pistols at school

Water guns have been popular since before I was in school in the 1960s. We'd bring them to school, mainly on the last day of classes so we wouldn't get in trouble and be sent home.

Today's water guns are made out of washed-out, reusable sports drink bottles, and they are being used in schools.

My daughter was the victim of someone's water squirt last week at a local high school. Kids will be kids and not care about the end result of water left on the tile floors, which will make the floors slippery. Thus, my child's face looks like someone threw a good left hook or she had a very bad car wreck.

The last bell had rung and my child was walking in the commons area when she slipped on the water. Her face and the wall met - the wall got the better deal by far. No broken bones to her face, but the mental bruises are worse than the physical ones to some extent.

Since water pistols are banned from schools because of their close resemblance to the real things, sports drinks are becoming more popular. I don't want to have the drink machines taken away from the schools because of this one incident, but I think someone needs to tell the kids, parents and teacher to be ready for anything. My child was not expecting her face to look like an artist's palette. So be careful, as accidents will happen when you least expect them.

B. Redfearn, Martinez

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