Originally created 05/08/02

Augusta should enforce public drunkenness laws on river

We in Augusta are truly blessed to have a natural resource like the Savannah River so close to us. Over the years, millions come to enjoy its beauty, the nature that lives there and its cold, cold water.

During the torrid hot summer days it is the only place to find refuge from the heat. One dunk into its waters provides instant relief.

Unfortunately, the river has also been the scene for many a drunken row. Hooting and hollering, empty beer cans floating downstream, people staggering home - you get the picture. Which brings me to the point I wish to make: Everyone who enjoys the river comes and goes the same way, via the gates at the pumping station. Why not have local law enforcement stationed there to enforce the laws against public drunkenness? It's a shame that a few can ruin it for all.

Derrick Newkirk, Augusta


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