Originally created 05/07/02

Hayes spins a mellow mood



PRODUCER: Walter Afanasieff

RECORD LABEL: Columbia Records


Those of you heartbroken when Savage Garden dissolved last year should be overjoyed to hear that one of the pop duo has a new album out.

Darren Hayes' Spin is a delightfully soft trip into the world of love lost and found, and although it goes against the very grain of my existence, I actually liked this album.

Mr. Hayes got a foot in the door because he's an Aussie. I like everything Australian, so I figured that listening to a little Aus-pop wouldn't kill me.

I found out Mr. Hayes has a lot to be thankful for. His vocal talents are too immense to be counted. On every track, he sings with a measured and calculated tempo. The music deserves recognition for being able to pump you up and then gently bring you back down into a soothing, laid-back mood.

Several songs stand out. The first track, Strange Relationship, is an anthem dedicated to everyone infatuated with someone who is completely different from the crowd.

Track three, Heart Attack, is one of those songs that you can really get into without paying much attention to the lyrics - but if you listen, the song is a deep study of the pain wrought by love.

The one problem with this CD is that it might be a little too soft. I liked the mellowness that lasts throughout the album, but Mr. Hayes could have spiced things up a bit, especially toward the middle. After getting about halfway through Spin, you start to predict what will be on the next song, especially because every track deals with love.

I wouldn't recommend listening to the whole album at one sitting, but definitely listen to the first and last few tracks. They're without question the best.

Teen board member Jay James, 17, is a senior at Hephzibah High School.


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