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Grant will help fund campus walk

An aesthetic and literal walk down memory lane.

That's what Augusta State University hopes to offer soon with the construction of a history walk around campus.

"Part of the idea is to try to enhance the appearance of the front of the campus," said Dr. Chris Murphy, an anthropology professor who has been involved in the planning of the project. "And by putting history plaques in there and a map, it will serve an educational function."

Dr. Murphy said the walk will extend along Walton Way and also will travel down Katherine Street and Arsenal Avenue, along the sides of the campus. He said construction is expected to begin within the next few months with the help of $1.2 million in grant money from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

"We're trying to make this place look more like a university campus and less like an ex-military setting," Dr. Murphy said.

The walkway will be marked with bricks on the ground and will include a decorative wall and rest areas. It's designed to give a defined outline of the campus' borders.

"There are several places where there will be benches for people to sit and rest," Dr. Murphy said, adding that the history plaques along the way will be "sort of like the ones at the riverwalk."

They will focus on the history of the university, including its past as a military arsenal, and the historic Summerville district, which surrounds the university.

Dr. Murphy said another restoration project planned for the college's historic arsenal guardhouse will fit in nicely with the walkway.

"The idea is to renovate the guardhouse and turn it into a museum," he said. "We're hoping people walking on campus will stop there and look at the museum."

Current plans do not have the walkway connecting at the back of the campus. But the goal is to eventually make the pathway a continuous loop around the university.

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