Originally created 05/07/02

Believes Bush is the right leader for Mideast peace

Herbert Edney's April 26 letter says George Bush is the wrong man for peace. I disagree.

Mr. Edney says that (Israeli Prime Minister) Ariel Sharon is not a man of peace since he took military action to restrain Palestinian homicide bombers.

Mr. Edney writes, "If George Bush thinks Mr. Sharon wants peace then Hitler was a man of tolerance and Napoleon was a pacifist."

I say Mr. Sharon is a man of peace in that he is willing to go to war to stop the attacts on his country in order to bring real peace to the region.

Negotiations for the past 30 odd years have resulted in the current situation. Mr. Edney in his apparent support for homicide bombers states, "Peace will be achieved only when both sides wish it." Nothing could be more true, but somehow Mr. Edney seems to think that Mr. Sharon does not want peace because he responded to terrorism against his country with military action.

The only solution for peace in the region is for a military victory by someone who really wants peace and security for his country. I think this describes Mr. Sharon. His restraint in not removing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat shows he is not operating out of vengence since the evidence shows if Mr. Arafat is not directly responsible for the bombings he is at least unwilling to try to stop them ...

John Naglich, Evans, Ga.


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