Originally created 05/07/02

Hodges is behaving like an idiot

Gov. Jim Hodges' threat to block plutonium shipments en route to the Savannah River Site reminds me of the days when Hanoi Jane Fonda was in Vietnam protesting against the United States of America. Someone needs to remind Gov.

I don't appreciate Gov. Hodges wasting my tax dollars with his stupid tactics. I live five miles from the SRS boundary, and I have complete confidence in its personnel's ability to safely carry out any task handed to them from the Department of Energy.

Gov. Hodges' "scare tactics" don't work on the thousands of residents who reside in the counties surrounding SRS. The biggest safety hazard around the SRS facility would be an idiot willing to lay down in the road in front of moving transport trucks.

Most residents around SRS see Gov. Hodges as acting like an idiot and fool as he tries to align himself with Hanoi Jane and Bill Clinton. Thank God this is an election year.

Anthony Fulmer, Windsor, S.C.


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