Originally created 05/06/02

Goodman column makes her sick

I usually become nauseous and stiffen whenever I see Ellen Goodman's column on the Opinion Page, especially since she is a secularistic, dyed-in-the-wool feminist totally dedicated to the liberal agenda and I am a conservative Christian totally dedicated to my Creator and his will. This morning (April 30) as I read Goodman's column, I very nearly threw up.

I pray that Ireland, historically a God-oriented country, never changes the part of their constitution which states that the fetus and a woman share equal rights and that abortion is permitted only if the pregnancy would cause death to occur - no loopholes.

Neither Ireland nor the United States need abortion rights, more clinics, or government legislation. We need to change our hearts so that we can recognize what an incredible miracle, what a wondrous gift from God it is when a tiny embryo and a fetus become a little girl or a little boy.

We need to love and respect our creator and do him the honor of accepting his gift, even if it means allowing the child to be adopted if the mother can't care for it. The child deserves to live.

JoAnn Dillon, North Augusta, S.C.


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