Originally created 05/06/02

Endorses U.S. control of borders

Milton Gresham's well-written April 22 letter represents a vision of our not-so-distant-future, and deserves additional commentary support.

The heroic bones of brave men who fought and perished at the Alamo are banging together like mournful wind chimes from their historical resting place.

The continuous scampering of illegal feet across our borders to the South is nothing less than a non-violent invasion that consumes American jobs and costs every taxpayer big bucks in welfare payments and medical treatment.

Two separate opinions are available regarding the collapse of the Ancient Holy Roman Empire. The first being a massive killing assault by Germanic barbarian forces across a frozen Rhine River in the year 406.

The second theory is that these Germanic peoples needed to expand due to economic conditions and did so by large scale peaceful migration in numbers too large for the Romans to control.

We need to control our Southern borders at all cost, even with the use of federal troops if need be.

It is not that difficult to become an American citizen and our nation must reserve the right to choose who merits that privilege. Otherwise, we may as well throw the front door wide open to anyone who wants to enter, even terrorists.

Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta


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