Originally created 05/06/02

Derogatory words reflect on writer

'Eco-illiterate' is not a valid term. Often the misuse of a word reflects negatively upon its author. I did not read Susan Bloomfield's letter, but the salient fact that her letter exists, and was published by your newspaper, indicates that Ms. Bloomfield is not illiterate.

I will accept that she is a concerned citizen and, possibly even misinformed, but for Rob Whitfield (April 23 letter) to cite the Department of Energy as an agency not given to the use of misinformation is naive.

Did not DOE use pregnant women as subjects of experimentation to test the effects of low doses of radiation on fetuses? And did this agency not squelch a grand jury investigation of Rockwell International's mismanagement of the Rocky Flats Site in Colorado?

Also, is the Nevada test range not juxtaposed to an area in which many animals were found dead? I cannot pass judgment on the relative geological safety of storing radioactive material in the Yucca Mountain storage facility, but I am certain that the worried citizenry in our country deserve an objective geological evaluation of the storage facility by a group of expert geologists who are not subservient to the goals of DOE.

Finally, Mr. Whitfield's derogatory term insinuates an emotional relationship to the transportation of radioactive material, which is underlined by his statement "of vital importance to this area..."

Harry Myers, Augusta, Ga.


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