Originally created 05/06/02

Columbia not in our 'Metro' area

I noticed an Associated Press article about the University of South Carolina was placed in The Chronicle's Metro section.

Please think about the reasonable person's understanding of the term "metro" and just how large most reasonable people think the metro area is.

Most people would not consider a city that is 60-70 miles away and in another state to be their metropolitan area.

Also, if Columbia were truly in our metro area, why would we have to rely on the AP to provide the story? Why wouldn't one of our reporters just get the facts on the way into the office and write the story themselves?

You know why? Because it's too damned far away.

It ain't metro. You don't live there. We don't live there. I'll bet that not even one percent of your subscribers lives there. We don't care to hear about every breath that the South Carolina attorney general takes or about every leaf that falls in the forest there, in the great state of South Carolina ...

Spend some portion of your day reporting on Georgia.

Rodney Benefield, Augusta


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