Originally created 05/06/02

Yucca plan cited as best for burial of nuclear-waste

I'm having difficulty understanding the eco-nuts and assorted idiots regarding Yucca Mountain, Nev. Here are the facts:

928 above and below ground nuclear explosions;

Beatty, Nev., Southwest compact nuclear waste burial ground;

Nellis Air Force Base Gunnery Range - tons of unexploded bombs and other hazardous materials.

Condos will not be built there. Property values will never change. The aquifer is almost a mile deep. The bugs and bunnies don't care about Yucca Mountain. And after spending nearly $20 billion on a government-approved disposal site, Nevada and the eco-nuts best refund our money (news flash to all: We have been paying 1.25 cents a kilowatt-hour since 1983).

This is an end game to shut down all nuclear power plants. Without a place to dispose of high-level nuclear waste, the plants will shut down and no more could be built.

Politicians are playing a high-stakes game, needlessly creating panic and fear in the ignorant populace. Eco-nuts are just anarchists on an ego trip to save the world and bring man back to nature.

The truth is common sense. Do you want the lights to keep burning or do you want candlelight? You can be careful but don't be stupid. We need to start up Yucca Mountain and have only one waste site. The alternative is hundreds of waste sites for eco-terrorists to strike.

John Bohacheff, North Augusta, S.C.


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