Originally created 05/06/02

Few's time is up

Will the real Ronnie Few please stand up?

Most folks don't resort to bald-face lies on their resumes, especially concerning their college degrees. That kind of stuff is too easy to find out.

But some career counselor at Morris Brown College forgot to tell former Augusta Fire Chief Ronnie Few that bit of advice. Perhaps that's because he wasn't there long enough to even get career counseling - he left after one year.

According to his current resume, however, he graduated. Few's resume - the one that got him the top fire chief post in the land - was make-believe. And although he might have gotten away with falsifying his education in Augusta, the big city of Washington, D.C., is another matter altogether.

Few's tenure in Washington is unraveling under the weight of his own deception. The Washington Times has called for him to resign, as has the firefighters union, which supported him early on.

Back here in Augusta, a special grand jury that has explored and reported on nearly every aspect of city government, is expected this month to release its findings on Few and his reign in Augusta's Fire Department.

He was investigated for, among other things, promoting blacks over whites and giving blacks larger pay raises than whites. His handling of a firefighters' meeting also led to still-unanswered questions. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has boxes of documents in its care for well over a year. What gives?

It's time for the grand jury to hand over its work on Few so we can start to bring closure to this sorry episode in our city's history.


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