Originally created 05/05/02

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Putting art on walls is a common solution to the accessorizing aspect of interior design. They complete our walls, with beauty and color complementing the rest of the decor. But if a feeling of motion is desired, something that adds more than a flat portrait, then a sculpture is the answer.

A sculpture's three-dimensional form adds zest, movement and liveliness to a room. Like a piece of furniture, it is free-standing. Its front, sides and back are visible. It adds dimension within the room. Unlike furniture, you can't sit on it. A drink cannot be placed on it. It is not "usable." Sculpture has a purpose of its own; it interacts with the room and the room's inhabitants.

A single piece of sculpture, if perfect, might be all that is necessary. Often, though, several pieces that are complementary are better than one.

A series of three or five items is always better that two or four. For some reason, odd numbers tend to create more interest than even ones when working with accessories.

If a space such as a cocktail table needs more than three items, try this: three candle holders, a wooden turtle and a cocktail table book. Those five pieces or similar ones should do the trick.

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