Originally created 05/05/02

Social Security just like Enron

The company lied to us from day one. They told us that what they took from our wages would only be a small percentage.

They lied when they told us the funds would be secured in a trust. They lied when they told us the funds we put in would be there for us. They used shady accounting practices in that the success of the fund depended on a Ponzi pyramid scheme.

They failed to invest wisely the funds they took away from us; in fact, they didn't invest the funds at all but instead robbed the funds and loaned it to themselves at zero percent interest.

They made us continue to pay into the fund after we reached retirement age, yet did not give us any credit for the additional funds paid in.

Who are we talking about? Enron maybe?

No, we are talking about Social Security.

Now Congress wants to investigate and castigate Enron for lying, using shady accounting practices (at least Enron didn't employ a Ponzi scheme) for failing to disclose and making money at beneficiaries' expense. How truly ironic.

Allen W. Johnson, Augusta


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