Originally created 04/14/02

Black identity is all in the mind

Regarding Tyler Pratt's April 7 letter, wherein he states "though he (Tiger Woods) is only one fourth black," the only place that would not classify Mr. Woods as being a black man is Africa. Any other place (especially America) considers one drop of black blood to be sufficient reason for a black identity.

Americans cannot conceive of the idea of a half (white/black) or a quarter (black/white/Asian/Hispanic) person being anything but black. Those of us who know that blackness is a condition of the mind say Tiger is whatever he wishes to be. There is nothing wrong with his Asian-American identity. As a matter fact, it's perfect. The chosen identity takes into consideration the many blends of both Asians and Americans.

Just love him, because you will not find any genuine reasons not to. May God continue to grant him the skills and wisdom to continue spreading love and pleasure like Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Nicklaus, Vijay Singh, Denzel Washington, Chi Chi Rodriquez, Arnold Palmer, etc....

Bernard W. Clark, Keysville, Ga.


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