Originally created 04/13/02

Howell family values

It has been a pleasure reading about young Charles Howell III who is poised to win the Masters on his first attempt as a professional and, in time, to join the ranks of golfing greats. Your accounts highlight several of his exemplary qualities, in addition to his God-given talent.

Much credit is to be given to his parents, who are embodiments of the best in family values. They have given him an abundance of their love, affection and unstinting effort, time and financial support.

Much credit is due to his father. When he returned to Augusta after his training in pediatric surgery in Philadelphia about 20 years ago, he had a choice to join lucrative practices elsewhere. Fortunately for us, with his abiding sense of loyalty and respect for his mentors, he decided to stay at the Medical College of Georgia.

One wonders if his son's skill in golf would have received inspiration and nurture to the same degree elsewhere as it has in Augusta.

R.N. Rao, Augusta


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