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'Wolf Lake' gets second try

The quirky series Wolf Lake - about wolves living as humans - disappeared soon after its debut on CBS last fall. But with CBS and UPN under the same ownership, and with UPN having modest expectations in terms of ratings, the wolf/humans are back. The show airs at 9 tonight on UPN (WBEK-TV, Channel 16).


Quirky Quorn makes a splash

A little over a month after it hit the U.S. market after more than a decade of success in Europe, a meat substitute has the distinction of being lauded by one consumer group as both a sound nutritional choice and a deceptively labeled product.

Meet Quorn, the latest alternative to poultry and ground beef. Made from a fungus discovered a few decades ago in British soil, Quorn is the leading meat alternative in Europe, where it is turned into chickenlike nuggets, tenders and cutlets and into a ground-meat stand-in that is served alongside some of the fanciest cuisine in the world.

Surprisingly tasty (but not necessarily low fat, depending on the version purchased), Quorn can be sauteed, grilled, stir-fried, broiled or used in burgers, tacos, pot pies, spaghetti sauce or lasagna.

Quorn comes from Fusarium venenatum, a member of the fungi family that includes truffles, morels and mushrooms. But it is not a mushroom itself. Quorn is fermented in vats where it produces a type of foodstuff called mycoprotein, which is then mixed with egg whites, flavored and shaped into foods resembling poultry and meat products with zero cholesterol and less saturated fat than the foods it mimics.


TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Actor Marlon Brando is 78. Actress-singer Doris Day is 78. Singer Jan Berry of Jan and Dean is 61. Actress Marsha Mason is 60. Singer Wayne Newton is 60. Singer Tony Orlando is 58. Actor Alec Baldwin is 44. Actor David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) is 43. Comedian-actor Eddie Murphy is 41. Singer-guitarist Mike Ness of Social Distortion is 40. Singer Sebastian Bach of Skid Row is 34. Actress Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills, 90210) is 30. Actress Amanda Bynes (Big Fat Liar) is 16.

YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Something you're studying could lead to great riches. More research is required, but that should be easy. The subject is fascinating to you. Keep at it. For maximum profits, play by the rules.


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