Originally created 04/03/02

Augusta can bridge the racial gap

It's time for the good citizens of this community to unite for equal opportunity, racial harmony and positive change. I hear a lot of people "talk a good game" about unity. The question is, are they ready to back up the talk?

Presently, there are various legislative proposals being offered as a means to "move Augusta forward." However, very few politicians and community leaders seem willing to publicly address the core problem: that our county commissioners basically reflect a racially-divided community.

I challenge our local news editors and talk show hosts to become neutral information sources and not political attack dogs for the status quo. Maybe certain so-called leaders and politicos are afraid of the citizens thinking for themselves.

On the other hand, if we don't take time to find out what's going on in our community, attend commission and board-of-education meetings, demand more from those we elect and, not least of all, seriously improve our voter turnout, then we deserve just what we're receiving - nothing but hot air and political foolishness.

The good news is that we can remedy our local problems, bring forth positive change where needed and, most of all, we can bridge the racial gap - if we want to. Or, we can continue to sit around and point fingers at each other, making up tired excuses as to why we don't vote or become more involved in the community.

Instead of cookouts and chicken sandwiches, we need equal opportunity and commitment for all citizens and from all citizens.

Brian Green, Augusta

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