Originally created 04/03/02

Allen only serves his own interests

He just doesn't get it. Rep. Ben Allen's, D-Augusta, consolidation changes amount to nothing more than a sellout of the community and people he represents. What Mr. Allen fails to realize is that he's there to serve the people. It's not the other way around. But you do get what you vote for.

Mr. Allen's actions at a community meeting were out of line. No, he does not listen to the voice of the people, nor does he show up in the district he is supposed to represent - unless it's a so-called special meeting where state officials must attend.

Mr. Allen is like a lot of politicians who think voters are stupid or don't care. And there is a little truth to that, because we keep re-electing...

They do not have our best interest at heart. Rep. Allen's flawed consolidation bill just proves one thing: It was done for his own personal, political or financial agenda.

Even if the bill is corrected for the good of all residents of Augusta-Richmond County, the bottom line is the community got to see the real Mr. Allen with the light turned on him.

Just because you dress a wolf in sheep's clothing, he's still a wolf. The best way to correct a politician is not by arguing with him - it's at the ballot box on election day.

Jeff Stannis, Augusta


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