Originally created 04/03/02

Deplores sloppy dressers at theater

It's great to have classy shows come to Augusta. I had the pleasure of being invited to the Bell Auditorium to see the stage show, Ragtime, on March 20. It was a beautifully presented show by a very professional group.

Beyond the show, however, I was impressed by two things. First, the show was poorly attended. Second, disrespect was shown to the cast by 50-60 percent of the audience appearing in very casual dress, including shorts and T-shirts, at what should have been a dress-up affair.

No wonder attendance is poor at Bell Auditorium affairs. It was like going to a fine restaurant and having to sit next to a table of people dressed in tank tops, shorts and baseball caps. I am not a prude, but I do think there are still some places and affairs we attend that require appropriate dress. I'm ashamed for Augusta.

Donald F. Wanner Jr., Martinez, Ga.

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