Originally created 04/03/02

'We Were Soldiers' an inspiring film

In reference to Bonnie Johnston's March 16 letter, "Ashamed at vets' treatment":

I want to thank her for seeing the movie We Were Soldiers and for her kind words that followed. For years, I have wished that a movie would be made that would show the American people what the soldiers and the battle in the Ia Drang Valley was like.

Col. Hal Moore was my battalion commander, and Capt. Tony Nadal was my company commander. I was among the first group of soldiers who landed in the LZ X-Ray. The movie does an excellent job of showing how the soldiers, even though outnumbered 10 to one, fought for one another and, with the support of chopper pilots and air support, turned the "battle" into a major victory.

John Rangel Jr., Sgt. 1st Class Ret., Hephzibah, Ga.


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