Originally created 04/02/02

'Survivor' watch: Week 5

- Days on the island -- 15

- Yellow fever -- There's a disease going around Maraamu. It started when Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien got crabs. She gave them to fellow tribesman, Paschal English, who gave them to two others. No, not the disease, the crustaceans, which they caught and cooked for a feast.

The real disease? Smells like team spirit ...

- Nursing a grudge -- In Week 3, John Carroll, the nurse from Nebraska, needed someone to pee on his stinging wound. But now it's Carroll marking his territory in Rotu. Stung by blond bartender Gabriel Cade's island utopia wishy-washy stance, Carroll began lining up votes against Cade, even turning to former Maraamu man Sean Rector.

- Challenges -- Day 13 marked a new era, as Rotu suffered its first loss ever. The reward from the tiki totem building contest: Hurricane Maraamu blows through Camp Rotu, sweeping away blankets, pillows, a water jug and peppers. Adding insult (and immunity) to injury, Maraamu uses those spoils to pull out another victory, this time in the signal building contest.

- Voted out -- Who do bartenders share their woes with? In Rotu's first trip to Tribal Council, Cade earns all seven votes. (Vecepia Towery had wished for tribal unity earlier, saying shared adversity would make them stronger. Wish granted, Vee!)

- Next week -- In the likely final week before the tribal merge, "Pappy" English frets over Cade's departure. Meanwhile, Carroll and scheming construction worker Rob Mariano vie for Rotu alpha male. Or fall in love. (Well, we can wish, too, can't we?)

Wade Kwon is Accent editor of the Birmingham (Ala.) Post-Herald. He can be reached at wkwon@postherald.com.


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