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When is it okay to lie?
Oh, those little white lies. Like fibbing on the cost of that new outfit or saying you're at the grocery store when really, you're browsing the local hardware store. What white lies are okay to tell in a marriage? We're looking for couples willing to share their thoughts on the subject of fibs. Interested? Call Amanda Jennings at 823-2946 or send e-mail to GLAV47@aol.com.


Film showcases movies of the '60's
Reel Radicals: The Sixties Revolution on Film.
Lest we forget that the 1960's were, well, different, here's a look at films such as Easy Rider that conveyed the new attitudes. Movie-making itself was changed by directors who took on previously taboo subjects, and by actors who risked their images in roles of anti-heroes. The show airs at 10 p.m. on AMC (Channel 48)


Today's birthdays:
Actor Buddy Ebsen is 94. Actress Linda Hunt is 57. Singer EmmyLou Harris is 55. Actor Ron Palillo (Welcome Back Kotter) is 48. Actor Chris Meloni (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) is 41. Singer Keren Woodward of Bananarama is 41. Actor Isaiah Washington (Soul Food) is 39. Guitartist Greg Camp of Smash Mouth is 35. Guitarist Tony Fredianelli of Third Eye Blind is 33.

Your Birthday today:
Big changes are in store - changes for the better. A scientific, analytical, technical type will be a big help. You might want to take a class or seminar to gain insights yourself. If you're due for a breakthrough, why not have it happen where you want it to?


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