Originally created 04/02/02

Ryberg stymies magistrate pick

With his childish "my turn" attitude, Sen. Greg Ryberg, R-Aiken, has failed the people of Aiken County - the very voters he promised leadership to when he was elected.

His stonewalling tactics for more than a year has cost Aiken County thousands of dollars for lack of a single magistrate. He has failed to support Chief Magistrate Roger Edmonds, who has done an exemplary job under trying conditions - extra work, overcrowded prison conditions and financial strain on an already strained budget. Two worthy candidates have waited patiently for Sen. "My Way" Ryberg to adhere to the majority to no avail.

Sens. Tommy Moore, D-Clearwater, and Nikki Setzler, D-Lexington, have proposed solutions, offered to make compromises but, again, nothing suits Mr. Ryberg.

If this problem is beyond him, how can the GOP senator hope to run for state treasurer? Even his own party now questions his ability to serve.

Danny Lynn has 19 years of law enforcement, and Mr. Ryberg claims he isn't qualified. Pat Sullivan is also waiting. If they want a solution, just let Chief Magistrate Edmonds choose. He knows his needs, and the good senators could go fishing.

If something isn't done soon, voters will make their decision at the polls. The senator should remember voters have long memories.

Asa Daniel Jr., North Augusta, S.C.


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