Originally created 03/31/02

Luckily, people still elect their leaders

In his March 14 letter, "Spirit of Jim Crow lives," there was again a harangue about race and oppressive white people by that prolific and opinionated writer, Paul L. Cook.

In that letter, he complains that there is no black Columbia County commissioner, nor is there a black North Augusta councilman. Since he is a "proud" resident of Augusta, it would seem to any rational person that what the voters of Columbia County and North Augusta do is none of his business. He is the perfect example of the NAACP - the National Association of Always Complaining People.

Mr. Cook ignores the fact that these whites were elected the old-fashioned way - by the Constitution. Maybe he would prefer that a commissar just install some blacks.

Any opinion of his is accepted in North Augusta the same way that a proclamation by Jesse Jackson would be. If Mr. Cook wants to help blacks, I suggest he move to Turpin Hill and begin repairing the houses and cleaning the yards of the elderly and handicapped.

Since he sometimes signs his letters "The Rev." Paul L. Cook, performing these acts should be a special joy to him.

Buford Thompson, North Augusta, S.C.


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