Originally created 03/10/02

Area builders group urges change for better government

The Builders Association of Metro Augusta, a trade group dedicated to promoting responsible residential construction and home ownership in the local area, is concerned over the impact the city government has on our community.

Inherent in the housing market in any particular area is confidence the home-buying public has in that community's governance. A potential home-buyer must be satisfied, to a reasonable extent, that the city's leadership is capable and its actions prudent ... When governmental leaders, via their decisions, convey competency, confidence is instilled. The community prospers.

It is for the sake of prosperity that the Builders Association of Metro Augusta is compelled to express its concern over the structure, effectiveness and functionalism of the city commission.

Racial tensions, conflict and indecisiveness - real or perceived - are counterproductive to many in our community who strive for harmony and growth. Often, the work of individuals and business entities who envision and yearn for an improved, progressive community is thwarted by a commission that apparently has a different agenda...

The Builders Association concurs with many civic-minded individuals and other business entities that constructive change is imperative.

This organization, therefore, consistent with its mission for a better Augusta, endorses the proposal by the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce concerning Augusta's government. Builders believe if those changes are implemented, a more functional and productive commission structure would be achieved...

Although there is every reason to be concerned, there is no reason to be pessimistic. Augusta's resourceful citizenry is adequately endowed with all things necessary to accomplish the changes required...

Stephen Beazley, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Builders Association of Metro Augusta.)


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