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'Chronicle' expands weekly business section

Hi there.

If you're a regular reader, (and I hope you are) you have noticed this is an entirely new section for The Augusta Chronicle. You also probably have a few questions, the main one being: What's all this about?

In a nutshell, this is our attempt to bring you more business news more often.

This Inside Business section, which will run every Sunday, has replaced the Augusta Business Chronicle that used to appear on the first Monday of each month.

Don't worry - the Business Chronicle may have disappeared but its content will live on. You'll still get all the in-depth coverage, small business tips and real estate records, only now you'll get them on a weekly basis.

Plus, the new weekly format provides us a vehicle we can use to bring business news to a larger group of readers, readers who may have overlooked the Business Chronicle. As good as the publication was, I learned during the four years I helped produce it that many readers didn't incorporate it into their lives.

But now, subscribers will know they can find business-specific content every Sunday, just as they know to expect the Applause section on Friday and the Religion section on Saturday.

The new, weekly approach also allows us to publish more current stories and public-record information, such as business license and real estate records, that are popular with many of our readers.

But changes to The Chronicle's business coverage don't stop there.

Beginning Tuesday, you will notice more content dealing with personal finance and investing-related topics on a weekday basis. We're accomplishing this by reducing the size of our weekday stock listings and using the space for news-you-can use stories that focus on everything from market analysis to diversifying your portfolio.

So instead of column after column of raw data, which these days are available just about anywhere (including The Chronicle's online edition and its INFOLINE telephone service), we will give you information you can use to help build your retirement nest egg or even save a buck or two.

I'm sure many of you will like these changes, but I'm sure some of you will not.

I would ask the naysayers to give the new business section a chance for a few weeks before passing judgmentjudgement, because I think you're going to like what you see.

Reach Damon Cline at dcline@augustachronicle.com


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