Originally created 03/09/02

Bad-mouthing nation results in anger

In her Feb. 25 "Hope for people of rogue nations" column, Mona Charen compares the time when former President Ronald Reagan used similar words when referring to the Soviet Union.

According to Ms. Charen, the world had exactly the same "paroxysms of panic and disdain when Ronald Reagan used phrases like 'evil empire'." Ms. Charen continues, "Reagan's moral clarity about the nature of communism was a key tool in winning the Cold War then and today ... The president's words are kindling hope in the people of North Korea, Iran and Iraq."

To paraphrase Chef Emeril, I don't know where she got her TV but mine doesn't come with pictures of Bush-be-praised. What I saw on my TV were angry, hostile people jeering and burning him in effigy. We played right into the enemies' hands.

In her book, My Turn, Nancy Reagan tells how she pillow-talked the president into making nice with the Soviets. She says, "... I also felt that his calling the Soviet Union an evil empire was not particularly helpful. I argued against it and suggested that he tone it down." What subsequently happened, whether due to his advisers and/or his wife, Reagan toned it down and then challenged the Soviets into demonstrating their peaceful intentions in his "tear down the wall" speech. The rest is history.

Connie Lyngby, Grovetown, Ga.


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