Originally created 03/06/02

Camelot wine offers rich flavors

The 1999 Camelot Cabernet Sauvignon has great flavors that create a well-balanced and delicious wine for just about $10. Big notes of cherry and hints of clove fill the mouth with delightful sensations, and the finish is big yet lingers lightly.

A great food match would be turkey or beef chili. The chili's pepper flavors will bring out the oak underlines in the wine. Another excellent menu choice would be boneless grilled duck breast, lightly seasoned with cracked pepper and course salt. For an extra kick, try mesquite-grilled duck. The game flavors will bring out the cherry flavors and herbal notes in this excellent wine.

The philosophy of this California winery is simple but epitomizes the great wine experience: "First and foremost, wine should taste delicious. It should stimulate the appetite, enhance the enjoyment of food, and at the same time be a memorable yet invisible part of the mealtime experience."

Need we say more?



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