Originally created 03/06/02

'Fenced' land seen as opportunity

Congratulations to Jimmy Davison (Friday, March 1, Page 1A, "Neighbor Hoods") for bringing to Augusta's attention a need that would be a definite asset to the community.

I live just around the corner off Ingleside Road. A year or more ago, I wrote Mayor Bob Young suggesting that this prime land, which was for sale, be bought by the city and made into a walking park. Located just down the road from the Augusta National, it would be used and seen even by visitors who attend the Masters. As far as flooding goes, I have never noticed that to be a problem that would prohibit walking and landscaping in that area most of the time.

I urge my fellow neighbors to lighten up. Let's see what good can come from all this. We could call our new walking trail "Hood Park."

Sondra Gillespie, Augusta