Originally created 03/06/02

'Hood man' tries to bully city

As a resident of the Ingleside Drive area, I was aghast to see the automobile hoods lined up at the corner of Berkmans Road and Ingleside Drive. Then when I read Heidi Williams' article "Residents cry foul over car-part fence" in the March 1 Chronicle, my aghast turned to laughter at Jimmy Davison's obvious attempt to bully the city into buying his land.

Even if the "fence" was allowed to remain, I would never support the waste of Augusta tax money to purchase the property at any price. The property has been listed for sale many times over the last several years. Since Mr. Davison has been unable to sell it, he now wishes to unload it at taxpayers' expense. If Mr. Davison is in poor financial straits, please remind him he can donate the property, or just quit paying the property taxes.

Although Mr. Davison's ploy is comical, he will find no humor in the sudden appearance of a new fence erected by his neighbors in front of his Reynolds Street business - a "picket" fence.

Phillip G. Stacy, Augusta


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