Originally created 03/06/02

Anti-nuclear groups should be identified, too

Regarding staff writer Brandon Haddock's Feb. 26 article, "Proposal promotes MOX fuel."

It is interesting that Mr. Haddock refers to the organization that Mr. Mal McKibben belongs to - Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness - as a "pro-nuclear group." Yet in the same article, Mr. Haddock fails to describe the organization Mr. Tom Clements belongs to - Nuclear Control Institute of Washington, D.C. - as an "anti-nuclear group."

This type of reporting, as I'm sure Mr. Haddock knows, will lead many to believe that the Nuclear Control Institute is an objective, non-biased, balanced, detached organization on the subject of nuclear power.

That is a real stretch. This organization has only one purpose, one goal, and that is to close every nuclear power plant in the United States.

Lee Howell, Evans, Ga.


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