Originally created 03/05/02

Walker's revamp bill is best

Contrary to The Chronicle's Feb. 22 news story, state Sen. Charles Walker's, D-Augusta, bill in the Georgia Senate (calling for changes in Augusta's government structure) is mostly taken from the other two bills by state Reps. Sue Burmeister, R-Augusta, and Jack Connell, D-Augusta).

Yet, whether Mr. Connell will compromise with others in the delegation remains the big question, as The Chronicle has suggested.

However, Mr. Walker's bill is the most efficient combination of the current competing plans. Hopefully, it (or a similar one) will be passed by the Georgia General Assembly soon, so we will not be awaiting needed changes this time next year. Delaying for a referendum in November would delay and thus hurt the process. The legislature will have to approve the changes, anyway - now, 12 or 24 months out.

Sitting in on city commission meetings for the last couple of months, I have been sickened by the unprofessional attacks on the obviously-competent City Administrator George Kolb. Yet I have been heartened by the efforts and courage of Bobby Hankerson in trying to get his fellow commissioners to be responsible.

No effective democratic government can exist without compromise ... If everyone in a district has a commissioner's ear, what can ever get done? Especially, if commissioners are unable or unwilling to make intelligent choices ...

Maybe we need more commissioners elected at large so more would be forced to see the impact of their actions on the entire city ...

Hopefully, a solution will be found quickly and the local government can start working to help the city grow instead of die. Otherwise, more and more residents will move from the area and leave those of us who stay with an even lower tax base and insufficient funds to run the government ...

Sylvia Littlejohn, Augusta


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