Originally created 03/05/02

Seconds Cheeks' revamp proposal

I want to echo Thomas H. Robertson's Feb. 27 letter applauding state Sen. Don Cheeks, D-Augusta. The most important features of Sen. Cheeks' plan (to restructure Augusta's government), besides giving a vote or veto power to the mayor, are addressing the abstention "habit" of certain commissioners. Mr. Cheeks would have all candidates live in the district they seek to represent, but would be elected city-wide.

This should lessen the tunnel vision of some commissioners and perhaps generate some enthusiasm for the county as a whole.

I would like to applaud state Rep. Sue Burmeister, R-Augusta, for initiating restructuring discussions with her proposal. I do not recall any member of the legislative delegation addressing this issue prior to her bringing it up. Isn't it amazing how Rep. Burmeister ignited the enthusiasm of our legislative delegation during an election year? Suddenly, everyone has a plan.

I hope that this results in votes for Rep. Burmeister, since it reveals courage and the fact she is a risk-taker serving the folks of this county.

Raymond T. Rufo, Augusta


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