Originally created 03/05/02

Everybody wants to get into the act

Some comments on repairing consolidation and the Alexander Williams case :

Why is it that when Rep. Sue Burmeister, R-Augusta, came up with a plan to straighten out our local government, everybody thought it was bad?

But when scores of people began to wake up and start to agree with her, every Democrat in public life came forth with their own plan - albeit, revised - so that they (the Democrats) wouldn't lose their power to screw up life for the general population.

Don't be naive. They are screwing up our lives. They are in tune with those so-called representatives on the city commission. They are not interested in what is good for our state or local government. They are interested in what is good for them.

Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, has become a millionaire by being a politician. If that is service to the people and everyone truly believes that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.

I agree with Angie Attaway's Feb. 27 letter, "Laments Alexander Williams' commuted death sentence" about her friend, Aleta Bunch, who was brutally raped, tortured, robbed then killed by a mindless idiot. He should be handed over to the male members of the Bunch family, and they should be allowed to mete out the justice he deserves.

As it stands, now Mr. Williams will have a comfortable place to live, first-class medical service, good food, etc., all paid for by the taxpayers - among which is the Bunch family...

Charlie Connell, North Augusta, S.C.


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