Originally created 03/05/02

Wrong to use Daly in Tyson analogy

I found your Feb. 15 editorial, "Ban Tyson in Georgia," disappointing because of its John Daly analogy, which seems grossly unfair to Mr. Daly.

Mike Tyson's lack of interest in controlling his barbarous behavior hardly logically compares with Mr. Daly's well-documented struggle to overcome alcoholism.

Daly's efforts appear to have put him on the verge of playing his way into this year's Masters, and one would think the tournament's "hometown newspaper" would support his recovery rather than linking him with a berserk boxer.

Your opinion on Mr. Tyson's unfitness to perform in Georgia, valid as it may be, was not strengthened by the comparison with John Daly. If a golf analogy was necessary, "Imagine, if you will, that an out-of-control golfer attacked Tiger Woods..." should have sufficed.

Several years ago, Bob Jones wrote, "Most disturbing to those who love the game of golf is the applauding or cheering of mis-plays or misfortunes of a player."

While possibly unintended, your editorial approached perhaps not applause but at least indifference to Mr. Daly's past misfortunes and his endeavor to overcome them. An apology to Mr. Daly and to your readers appears to be in order.

John B. Black, Augusta


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