Originally created 03/05/02

D.C. wrong to consider Tyson fight

It is hard to understand why the nation's capital would consider sanctioning a boxing match for anyone like Mike Tyson. He's a criminal. There have been others in that sport who have been criminals, but they spent time examining their mistakes and raised their standards to live with society. Tyson is a repeat offender with total disrespect for other citizens, particularly women and society.

Why would any organization, city, county or the capital of the United States sanction a public display for a "terrorist" within our country, then pay him to participate? It was noted that such an event would bring jobs to Washington, D.C. - for one night? Does that rationale really "fly" with the D.C.'s city council?

The nation is watching. The capital is on stage. It is in a position to support justice, reason and true respect for the moral and ethical fabric this nation has depended on for so long in building strength and support throughout the world. To allow Mike Tyson an arena in D.C. would send the wrong message to the rest of this country.

Think carefully about what's being sanctioned.

Jim Brennecke, Martinez, Ga.


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