Originally created 03/05/02

'Chronicle' hit for publishing letter critical of Lincoln

Milton Gresham's Feb. 26 letter, "Lincoln was bad for the nation," presents reconstructionist drivel claiming President Abraham Lincoln was a "homosexual" and responsible for the Civil War.

As is true of many letters The Chronicle publishes, the author disregards that the South's secession was a treasonous act aimed at destroying this great country.

All of us - whether from North or South - should thank God that Lincoln had the courage to shed blood to reunite this country. Just imagine what a third-rate place America would be if the South had triumphed and divided this country into sectional fiefdoms.

I have nothing publishable to say about Mr. Gresham, since most of what I feel would be unjust attacks on his character.

To The Chronicle, I do have questions. Why publish such tabloid-like psycho-babble? To be able to call yourself a respectable newspaper, you should stop giving voice to hate mongers and bigots. Why degrade one of the greatest and most respected men to ever live?

Even if the majority of your readers feel the South will rise again and that African-Americans and non-Christians will again be "put in their place," please do not insult a great leader who should be praised and emulated. Do not insult readers who honor our entire nation and all its leaders.

With such yellow journalism, is it any wonder that this region cannot attract new business and become a place we can all be proud of?

David Szerlip, Martinez, Ga.

(Editor's note: It is our mission to print many viewpoints on this page, including those with which we disagree. - Suzanne Downing, editorial page editor).


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