Originally created 02/25/02

Calls letter writer unhappy

Regarding letters to the editor from Robert "Tunk" Martin, he must be a very unhappy person to live with such racial hatred in his life.

First, he does not want residents of this county to fly whatever flag they choose as representative of one's heritage. I, for one, am very proud to fly the flags of my heritage: Germany, Ireland, Poland, Confederate, South Carolina and, above all, American.

Mr. Martin talks about people leaving their money and worldly goods along with their property to the people who care for them. I will surely leave my money, property and other worldly goods to my caretakers - my children and grandchildren.

Next, Mr. Martin complains about property owners who put fences and gates up around their fields and woods. If there was any respect for personal property, perhaps this would not be necessary. However, we all know how many farmers and property owners have had their fields and woods set on fire out of pure meanness.

This does not take into consideration animals lost to theft and destruction of properties. Perhaps Mr. Martin would like to experience some of the destructive activities that landowners have.

As for his reference to historical Oakley Park being a hell hole, I have searched several dictionaries and the Internet and have not found anything that would fit his description of Oakley Park. The Heritage Day held at Oakley Park on Nov. 27 was to celebrate the heritage of this community - black and white. Perhaps Mr. Martin is not aware that this Oakley Park is unique in the fact that it is the only "redshirt" shrine in the world...

Carolyn J. Piekielniak, Edgefield, S.C.


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