Originally created 02/25/02

Proofread your e-resume

The Internet has changed the way we do many things, including submitting resumes to prospective employers. In fact, in a survey commissioned by Robert Half International, executives said their preferred way of receiving resumes is electronically.

But beware; the relatively casual nature of e-mail dialogue can be deceptive. While a friendly exchange of back-and-forth messages with a hiring manager can help you build a rapport, if you get too comfortable you might forget all of your communication is ultimately being evaluated. No matter how well you and your contact at the company seem to click, this is business. And your business is to land the job.

When you're sending your resume online, be just as fastidious as you would if you were sending it by regular mail. You may even want to print it and review the hard copy to make sure you didn't overlook anything. These next bloopers are a case in point:

"I am a gratitude in psychology."

But, thankfully, not English.

"EDUCATION: Universalcity graduate."

And on your left is the famous Bates Motel ...

Another key piece of advice if you're sending your resume online is to be sure the employer can open it. One recent job-seeker learned this the hard way. He e-mailed his resume to various companies but neglected to change his password-protection setting. When it came time to open the resume attachment, employers were "locked out."

Here are some additional entries to the Resumania files.

"I am applying for this position to offer the perfect environment to demonstrate my many different talents."

We can't wait to see the atmosphere you bring with you.

"Looking forward to hearing from you thanks sincerely... "

A little punctuation might have been in order.

I enjoyed this next Resumania item from a cover letter in which the candidate included references.

"REFERENCES: Bill, Tom, Eric. But I don't know their phone numbers."

Do you know where they hang out?

Finally, from another cover letter: "Your time is valuable, and so is mine. My hat is tossed into the ring. How soon can we meet?"

Nothing like a little pressure...

(Max Messmer is chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc., a specialized staffing firm, and author of Managing Your Career For Dummies and Job Hunting For Dummies. For more Resumania, please visit www.resumania.com.)


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