Originally created 02/24/02

Freedoms guaranteed by Constitution

Michael Ledo (letter to the editor, Feb. 14) obviously has little understanding of the foundation of the country in which he lives.

We are given freedom of religion. That does not mean freedom from religion. This country was founded to protect its citizens from the kind of anti-religious bigotry that Mr. Ledo displayed in his letter.

Has Mr. Ledo been slammed against that bulletin board and forced to read those "New Testament phrases?" Has he been ordered to bow his head or close his eyes at any of those facility functions?

I don't know Mr. Ledo personally, but I feel comfortable in saying that at no time at Savannah River Site has he been forced to read or participate in any of his so-called "religious propaganda."

He disagrees with the beliefs of those involved, hence somehow believes he has the right to dictate the methodology and timing of other people's beliefs.

The only rights I have that override the rights of this country are those rights given to me by God. Since Mr. Ledo is a "non-theist," I have to assume he has rejected God's rights. Only those given by this country are left.

It would be time well spent, if he would read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Along with freedom of religion and numerous references to God, he'll also find freedom of speech. That is a right Mr. Ledo apparently wants to remove. Unfortunately for him, without it he couldn't have written such a letter in the first place.

If I might make a suggestion: There are plenty of non-theist countries run by non-theist governments that have non-theist government jobs. Mr. Ledo might find employers and employees at these jobs more "tolerant." I'll be glad to assist with the cost of one-way airfare.

Tommy Paschall, Beech Island, S.C.

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